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Known for its distinctive Nantucket books, Mill Hill Press is the most prolific publisher of books related to the island and its maritime heritage. Mill Hill Press publishes books on topics ranging from the history of Nantucket, literature, art, and architecture to the island's traditions and relationship with the sea. By publishing a new book annually, Mill Hill Press promotes scholarly study, quality literature, and captivating images of Nantucket. 

Sailing Around Nantucket

by Alfred Sanford

There has long been recognized a special relationship between a skipper and his (or her) boat. In this book Alfred "Alfie" Sanford, with nearly three quarters of a century of sailing beneath his keel, broadens that bond of affection and understanding to include the land and the sea which washes it, in this tribute to the art of cruising in general and cruising the waters of Nantucket, his home port, in particular.


2015, $34.95, Hardcover, 166 pages with drawings, pictures and water resistent paper so it can live on a boat.

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Smuggler’s Luck

by Edouard A. Stackpole

Originally published in 1931, Smuggler’s Luck recounts the adventures of a Nantucket boy, Timothy Pinkham, during the American Revolution. Nantucket in those lean and hazardous years lay between the devil and the deep blue sea, with the British navy ready with ruthless retaliations against the islanders for any favor shown the Patriot cause. The Patriots, on the other hand, threatened to cut off supplies to the islanders if they sided with the British.

2005, $20.00 paper (310 pp.)

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You Fight for Treasure!

by Edouard A. Stackpole, with a new foreword by Matthew Pinkham

Originally published in 1932, You Fight for Treasure! follows Timothy Pinkham, an island lad who conspires with seagoing comrades to rescue his father from the clutches of Algerian pirates.  Some readers will have met Timothy in Stackpole’s book Smuggler’s Luck, first published the year before this one.  In this story, a pirate treasure hidden on Nantucket, a trip to England and then beyond to the Mediterranean, a game of wits with the Barbary pirates and a perilous return to his beloved island are all part of young Timothy’s danger-packed life.

2006, $20.00 paper (307  pp.)

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Town Farms and Country Commons: Farming on Nantucket

by Debra McManis

Tells the forgotten side of Nantucket's history – the story of those who worked the sandy soil, feeding the island while others were pursuing whales, fish and maritime commerce – from the first Wampanoag gardeners through the English cattle promoters and the intense sheep industry of the 1800s, to today’s organic gardens and stands groaning with sweet native August corn.  McManis, through patient research and personal interviews, recounts the labor and ingenuity of the hardworking tillers of Nantucket, who for centuries have coaxed a living from their precious patch of land. 

2010, $24.99 softcover (190 pp.)

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Second Wind: A Sunfish Sailor’s Odyssey

by Nathaniel Philbrick

At 22, Nat Philbrick won the Sunfish North American Championship. Fifteen years later he decided to give it another try, embarking on a personal voyage of discovery that took him from the many ponds of Nantucket to the championship in the American heartland. A warm, funny, often moving story of a sailor, his family and an island…and the voyage that brought them together.

1999, $19.65 cloth (203 pp. / 17 photos)

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by Sharon Hubbard, with photography by Dan Driscoll

With striking photography, Quarterboards explores the tradition of naming Nantucket homes and adorning them with replicas evocative of the name boards once found on sailing ships. A deftly woven narrative captures the unique charm of Nantucket’s historic homes.

2008, hardcover $39.95(100 pp./illus.)

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Nantucket Spirit: The Art and Life of Elizabeth Rebecca Coffin

by Margaret Moore Booker

This elegantly written and richly illustrated volume brings to life an extraordinary Nantucket artist, whose story and work are richly deserving of wider recognition. While making her mark in the competitive New York art world, Elizabeth R. Coffin (1850 – 1930) preserved in her canvases the people, landscapes and rural lifestyles that were fading from the island.

2001, $35.00 hardcover (240 pp.)

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The Nantucket Reader

by Dr. Susan F. Beegel

Its 350 years of settlement have generated a wealth of fine writing about Nantucket in journals, ballads and narratives: novels, poetry, essays and rhetoric. The Nantucket Reader includes 50 selections about the island experience by 43 writers – classics of American literature, well-known Nantucket stalwarts, cool contemporary voices and many wonderfully surprising choices. There are first-hand accounts, as well, of life at sea and of the struggles against slavery and for women’s rights.

Edited by Dr. Susan F. Beegel, The Nantucket Reader also provides an introduction to the island’s literary history and background information on each author. Filled with adventure, humor, mystery, history, horror and inspiration, it is a must-have for every devoted reader who loves Nantucket.

2009, $34.95 hardcover

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Nantucket Lights: An Illustrated History of the Island’s Legendary Beacons

by Karen T. Butler

This beautifully illustrated book recounts the fascinating history of Nantucket’s legendary lightships, its three lighthouses and the people who worked to keep their lights shining brightly, guiding ships through Nantucket’s treacherous waters and shoals. 

1997, $19.95  hardcover  (151 pp. / 148 illus.)

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Nantucket Enclave: Monomoy Heights, 1852-2005

by C.S. Lovelace

For more than a century the forces that shaped Nantucket Island have played themselves out in the beautiful neighborhood of Monomoy Heights. As the island has evolved from a sleepy seaside community to a bustling summer resort and coveted vacation destination, Monomoy Heights remains one of Nantucket’s most cherished and representative communities. In A Nantucket Enclave, C.S. Lovelace tells a tale that only one who cares deeply for its subject can tell: the stories of the men and women who have built and loved Monomoy Heights, from sheep commons, to a cottage colony, and now a Gold Coast.

2005, $30.00 paper (178 pp.)

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Nantucket: A Natural History

by Peter B. Brace

In June 2012, Mill Hill Press launched Nantucket: A Natural History by Peter B. Brace.  The book recounts how Nantucket’s environment has developed since the retreat of the glacier 15,000 years ago, and how the plants, insects, animals and marine life returned to the land that became Nantucket’s three islands, striking a unique balance, always adapting to the newest and dominant natural force - man.

2012, hardcover $35.95

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Marshall, the Sea Dog: A History of Life-Saving & Notable Nantucket Shipwrecks

by Whitney Stewart

2012 Teacher’s Choice Award Winner

Nantucket’s heroes of long ago come alive in this heartwarming story of sea life and bravery.  A historical timeline, glossary and poster-size map present the facts in vivid detail, reliving the wreck and rescue of the W.F. Marshall.

2010, hardcover $16.95

(This book is currently sold out. We are working on a reprint. If you would like to be contacted when it is available, please email us here.)

Miriam Coffin, or The Whale- Fishermen

by Joseph C. Hart with Introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick

A best-seller when first published in 1834 and a source for Melville's Moby-Dick, Joseph C. Hart's novel Miriam Coffin, or The Whale-Fishermen, is a Nantucket classic. Based on the life of the Tory “she-merchant” Kezia Coffin, this book presents a detailed picture of the island when it was the whaling capital of the world.

1995, $19.95 cloth (385 pp.)

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Life Saving Nantucket

by Edouard A. Stackpole

Stackpole was among the earliest to recognize that an era had passed and, without documentation, would soon be forgotten. Life Saving Nantucket documents the triumphs and tragedies of a hardy breed of islanders who, as volunteers, manned the early Massachusetts Humane Society sites, later the U.S. Life-Saving Service stations and still later the U.S. Coast Guard stations, saving countless lives and precious cargo.

1972, $25.00 cloth (295 pp. / 50 photos / 2 illus.)

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Early Nantucket and Its Whale Houses

by Henry C. Forman

“Anyone with a feeling for Americana will appreciate the Williamsburg-by-the-sea quality of the book.” – New York Times Book Review
An in-depth study of the distinctive architecture of the island’s evolving whaling community.

Second edition, 1991 $29.95 cloth (290 pp. / 90 photos / 115 illus.)

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Coffin’s Ghost

by Whitney Stewart

Two young off-islanders come to visit their grandfather.  The story leads them through the island’s sometimes sinister maritime past in search of pirate treasure.  The book contains clues and answers, along with a map of Nantucket, which the reader can follow to spot where the treasure was hidden, still identifiable today.

2009, $16.96 softcover (91 pp.)

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Among the Stars: The Life of Maria Mitchell

by Margaret Moore Booker

“Meticulously researched and fluidly written, Margaret Moore Booker's Among the Stars provides the fullest, most-nuanced portrait of Maria Mitchell to date. A landmark achievement that shows how a young woman from Nantucket had a lasting impact on science, education, and women's rights in America and the world.” – Nathaniel Philbrick, author of Away Off Shore, In the Heart of the Sea, Mayflower, the Last Stand and Why Read Moby-Dick.

Few avenues of high achievement were open to American women in the mid-19th century, but a young librarian on Nantucket Island, off the coast of Cape Cod, sent a startling signal through the male-dominated world of science when she emerged as an accomplished astronomer. Maria Mitchell, peering into the heavens with a telescope from a rooftop on Main Street, not only discovered a comet, but also computed its orbit and exchanged scientific observations with the world's leading astronomers. She became an admired figure on the international scene, a much-beloved professor at Vassar College, and a leading figure in the emerging women's rights movement.

2007, $59.95 hardcover (100 pp./illus.)

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The Admiral’s Academy: Nantucket Island’s Historic Coffin School

by Margaret Moore Booker

The Admiral’s Academy traces the fascinating history of Nantucket’s Coffin School from its founding in 1827 by a British admiral, Sir Isaac Coffin, through its transformation into a lively center for manual training and home economics in the early 20th century. Illustrated with paintings and photos, this book is for Nantucket history buffs and those with an interest in American education.

1998, $12.00 paper (80 pp. / 40 illus.)

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Abram’s Eyes: The Native American Legacy of Nantucket Island

by Nathaniel Philbrick

Abram’s Eyes tells the little-known story of Nantucket’s Native American past. Generously illustrated, including a detailed map of the island’s Indian place-names, this book brings a fresh and instructive perspective to Nantucket’s history.

1998, $30.00 cloth (308 pp. / 74 illus.)

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